Badges Etc

Engraved signs, as shown below, are custom made for desks, walls or doors for example. They may be a simple name and occupation sign, directional sign or a sign giving detailed safety instructions for example.

Desk, counter top, door and wall holders plus corridor brackets are also available in gold, silver, black or bronze. Other designs, not shown are available upon request.

If you have any questions regarding engraved signs/tags/holders, please contact us at

Engraved tags are all custom made. They are available in plastic or metal including aluminum, brass or stainless steel. Our most popular plastic colours are gold or silver though we do offer a whole range of colours. They are ideal for framed pictures, industrial tags or any other form of identification.
Custom wall holders with dividers may be used as in/out boards (see below), directional signs or room occupied/unoccupied signs (see above) to name just a few uses.

Engraved Signs & Tags, Holders