Badges Etc


A. Badge Reel
The badge reel is retractable and is available in different sizes and cord lengths. A carabiner badge reel is also available. Badge reels can be imprinted with your logo and may be domed.

B. Swivel Bull Dog Clip
The swivel bull dog clip is nickel plated with a 2 3/4" clear vinyl strap. It is typically used on Photo I.D. Badges.

C. Magnet
Our Ultra-Grip Magnet is a super strong magnet. No more pin holes in your clothes. This magnet attaches to all of our badges.

D. Military Bar
The military bar has two pins with butterfly clips.

E. Pin
The pin shown above is our standard fastener. All other fasteners require an additional cost. Our pins are guaranteed not to break. They are easy to fasten for people with thicker or arthritic fingers.

There are different genres of badge attachments.  Down below are the options that we offer.

  • Badge Reel
  • Swivel Bull Dog Clip 
  • Magnet
  • Military Bar
  • Pin

If you have any questions regarding attachments, please contact us at

Badge Attachments are described clockwise starting on the left.